Beginning Band Information

  • Band Brochure 2023-2024 (PDF) 


    General Information

    Beginning Band is open to all students and is designed for those with no previous band experience. Emphasis is on the development of instrumental playing skills, music reading, listening skills, and ensemble performance technique. In addition, there are many indirect benefits which result from this musical training, including: 

    • development of cognitive abilities and listening skills 

    • creative self-expression and confidence through musical performance 

    • intrinsic motivation, self-discipline and responsibility 

    • social skills and character building 

    • time management and learning to reach goals 

    • aesthetic appreciation and the ability to evaluate quality 

    • reasoning and creative thinking 

    • problem solving and decision-making 

    • working with a group, personal contributions to a shared goal and the importance of unity 

    It is well known that participating in a band program can motivate, inspire, and encourage learners of every level. Research has shown that students with four or more years of instrumental music training tend to score above average on standardized tests, such as the S.A.T. 

    Band is a unique program that fosters friendships based on the important values of trust, cooperation, unity, and shared goals. Making music with friends is emotionally satisfying and helps create successful students that know how to succeed and work in a group. Consider the many valuable experiences and skills your student will gain through band! Parkway’s band program extends from grade 6 through 12th grade. 

  • What Instrument Should My Student Play?

    This is a very important decision that should be discussed thoroughly with your student and the band teacher. It is good to have first and second instrument choices, as creating a quality band experience requires having a proper balance of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments in the ensemble. 

    After meeting with your student individually, the band teacher will recommend an instrument based on the following criteria: 

    • your child’s preference 

    • his/her physical characteristics 

    • need for a balanced instrumentation 

    As band directors, we do recommend brands of instruments that have proved successful for students over the years. Following are reputable brands of instruments for you to consider when renting or purchasing: 

  • If you choose to use an instrument that you already own, please have it checked by a music store to be sure it is in good working condition before school starts.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What instruments are offered?

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    Woodwinds: flute, clarinet (oboe, bassoon, and saxophone are offered at some schools) 

    Brass: trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, tuba 

    Percussion: bells (enrollment in percussion limited, based upon the need to balance band instrumentation) 

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  • Who is Eligible?

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    Any student in grade 6 may enroll in the band program. 

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  • When Are Band Classes?

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    Band classes meet every day within the school schedule. 

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  • Who Provides Instruments for Band Students?

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    Students must provide their own band instrument. 

    Larger instruments may be provided for school use. 

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  • How Are Instruments Obtained?

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    Most parents rent or purchase an instrument for their student.

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  • When Should Instruments be Rented or Purchased?

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    Instruments should be rented or purchased before the first day of school. 

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  • What If My Students Wears Braces?

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    Please consult your orthodontist and the music teacher before securing a brass or woodwind instrument. Students with braces have been successful throughout the band program. 

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  • Parkway Band Teachers 

    The following band teachers are available to answer any questions you may have about instrument selection or the Parkway band program. Do not hesitate to call. 


    Area Music Dealers

    To obtain rental instruments of acceptable quality, the music department has listed several music companies that rent or sell band instruments for your convenience. 

    The Parkway School District does not recommend one company over another. The following list is based on available information. 

  • Parents and students are invited to contact any or all of these dealers to become better acquainted with different instrument policies and prices. 

    Please ask about service or maintenance agreements with the vendors. Instruments are often added to the homeowner’s insurance policy for protection of theft or severe damage. 

    Parkway is not liable for rental instruments.