6th Grade Choir Information


    Who should enroll in Sixth Grade Choir?

    Any sixth-grader who enjoys singing together and wants to improve their singing voice is encouraged to enroll.


    What do we do in choir?

    We work on our singing voices together to build social connection and communal achievement. As singers, students unite individual voices, creating shared artistry. We learn how to read music and sing in harmony. 


    How often does choir rehearse?

    Sixth grade choir rehearses multiple times a week as a regular part of the school day. 


    Why should you enroll in choir?

    Students who participate in choir demonstrate understanding of community and collaboration to achieve a group sound. 

    Students engaged in choir experience the power of positive self-expression, the value of being vulnerable in front of others, and increase their creative capacity. Students experience different languages and cultures through performance in choir.


    What and How we Learn


Middle School Choir Staff