English for Speakers of Other Languages

  • Parkway has a wonderfully diverse population of families who speak over 80 languages. The major goal of the Parkway EL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program is to help all eligible students to reach academic proficiency at grade level. Student EL eligibility is determined by Missouri state criteria. Students spend as much time as possible immersed in their classroom, but level of support is determined by student language needs. 

    Current methods of support for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade may include:

    • Consultation
    • Push-in support
    • Pull-out support
    • Co-teaching
    • Sheltered EL class support.  


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    Parkway EL Program


  • Meghan Schulz
    EL Lead Teacher
    Parkway Schools
    (314) 415-7050

    Susan Sturgis
    TLA Support Specialist
    (314) 415-7086