Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health Curriculum

  • In March 2016, the Parkway Board of Education adopted the K – 12 Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health (HRSH) Curriculum Frameworks. The HRSH Frameworks includes program goals, learning outcomes, and procedural guidelines for the successful implementation of this curriculum at all school levels in the Parkway School District. The curriculum, which entails the My Growing Body Units (Grades K-2), Growth and Development Units (Grades 3-5), and Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health Units (Grades 6-8 & HS), are scheduled to be implemented during the 2016-17 school year. This website has been developed for parents and community members to familiarize themselves with curriculum content and the sequencing of learning outcomes. Please contact your child's health and physical education teacher for more information regarding the schedule for implementation at your child's school. -read more-

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Contact Information

  • Eddie Mattison
    Health and Physical Education Coordinator
    (314) 415-7034

    Diona Stephens
    (314) 415-7040