Gifted Education (MOSAICS)

  • Parkway's gifted services and MOSAICS programming provides unique learning experiences. Students are exposed to learning in the arts, sciences, mathematics, and a variety of forms of communication and technology. In addition, the MOSAICS Academy serves highly and exceptionally gifted students and provides acceleration and enrichment in a specialized environment to meet those students unique learning needs. The goals of the MOSAICS Gifted Program are to provide an environment that meets the needs of each student through experiences that strengthen the students' higher order thinking skills, nurture their creative and critical thinking abilities, and assist in their social/emotional development. 

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    Parkway Gifted Education

Contact Information


    Mollie Glazer
    Gifted Education Lead Teacher
    Parkway Schools
    (314) 415-7028

    Robin Blount
    TLA Support Specialist
    (314) 415-7036