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    The Parkway Library Media Program Curriculum 

    Upon completion of the Library Media Program evaluation and the writing of the guidelines, it was determined that the library curriculum was the entire Parkway curriculum. Parkway libraries would support classroom instruction and provide relevant, timely programming to meet the needs and interests of each individual community. 

    The updated curriculum needed to reflect:

    The curriculum was analyzed with a learner-centered approach, the AASL and ISTE Standards, and alignment to current library lessons. The review led to the identification of topics and skills that would be embedded in classroom instruction and center on student experiences. The main topics, which became the Domains of Learning and our foundational curricular elements for the Parkway Library Media Program are as follows: 

    • Digital Age Literacy
      • Digital age literacy is the ability for learners to communicate, interact with content, utilize digital tools, practice ethical usage and develop critical thinking skills, allowing them to fully participate in an ever-changing world.

    • Research
      • Research is utilizing a flexible process in which learners ask questions and explore information to satisfy personal and academic needs.

    • Creativity, Exploration, and Discovery
      • Creativity, discovery and exploration is the opportunity for learners
        to find and pursue a personal interest through innovation, persistence, reflection and problem-solving skills.

    The Domains of Learning are a reflection of the Parkway Mission, to ensure all students are capable, curious, caring and confident learners who understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world. The topics allow for flexibility in the library curriculum and leads to a more responsive approach when meeting the needs of students. The Domains of Learning communicate what we value as a library and shapes our collaborative conversations with all curricular areas.