6th Grade Courses

  • To increase opportunities to personalize learning in Middle Schools, starting with the 2018-2019 school year, we are offering these Personalized Pathways for our incoming sixth graders.

    In 6th Grade students will get to build a Personalized Pathway by choosing  three courses from the following options:

    • One course from the 6th Grade CTE Course Choices
    • One course from the 6th Grade Fine Arts Course Choices
    • One Additional Course from either of the above

    6th Grade CTE Course Choices:

    • Business, Coding, & Digital Media
      Being an involved and responsible member of our ever-changing society requires a strong understanding and use of technology, communication, and collaboration skills. BCD’s introductory course teaches students the basics of entrepreneurship using business concepts and theories, digital citizenship, and an introduction to coding, game development and digital storytelling in a hands-on manner. Students will leave this course with the ability to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online; think critically and creatively; be financially aware and responsible; lead confidently with an entrepreneurial spirit; and understand the value of teamwork.

      These concepts will be achieved through the following projects:
      • Creating, selling, and marketing a product
      • Creating, editing, and sharing a short video that teaches others how to be a positive digital citizen in their community
      • Learning basics of coding by developing a game and a digital version of a favorite story
    • Engineering Endeavor
      Come and be part of the Endeavor with an introduction to the engineering world.  In this course, students explore the world of engineering and how the design process can be utilized to solve various problems.  Students will complete multiple problem based learning activities that will introduce them to designing, building and modeling projects all while using modern tools and software.  Students will be introduced to engineering careers, concepts of three dimensional design, 3D printing, measurement and multiple uses of tools in order to solve problems.
    • Introduction to Family & Consumer Sciences
      Ready, Set, Explore FACS! This class will explore the careers related to Human Services, Hospitality & Tourism, Education and Training, and Apparel & Textile Design while giving students the opportunity to build communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.  This project based class includes career exploration related to cooking, sewing, planning, goal setting & teaching, along with other Helping Careers and Health Science Pathways.

    6th Grade Fine Arts Course Choices:

    • Exploring Theatre: Onstage and a Backstage Pass
      Here’s your ticket to explore the world of theatre! Discover what happens onstage and use your own backstage pass to experience the inner workings of theatrical life. In this course, students will build a collaborative community, learn how to develop characters and storylines, and create designs for a production. 
    • Visual Arts Discovery
      Discover the world of art and design through art making using a wide variety of materials, study of cultures, and self reflection. Students will develop innovative and creative problem solving, as well as critical thinking skills by seeking multiple solutions to artistic problems.

    6th Grade Required Pathway (4th of 4 Courses)

    • Global Studies and World Languages
      It is becoming increasingly important to be globally competent. This implies the need to communicate in multiple languages and understand diverse cultures. Global Studies and World Languages students will understand the purpose of learning multiple languages, and briefly explore each of the languages offered in Parkway Schools. Throughout the course, students will also be introduced to cultures, both current and historic, in order to better understand the impact of culture in their community and the world.

    In 6th Grade Students choose one year-long performing music course from the following options: 

    • 6th Grade Beginning Band
      Beginning Band is designed for the first year band student. Emphasis will be placed on the development of playing skills, music reading and ensemble performance techniques. Instrumentation may need to be controlled by the director in order to have an acceptable balance of sound. Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances.
    • 6th Grade Choir
      Sixth Grade Choir is open to all sixth grade students who wish to improve their ability to sing. Various styles of music will be studied with an emphasis on music reading and part singing. Student skills in vocal production, general musicianship, and concert etiquette will be developed. This choir will perform in concerts throughout the year. Attendance is required at all performances.
    • 6th Grade Orchestra
      The 6th Grade Orchestra continues to develop personal technical and performance skills for continuing string students within the ensemble. Emphasis is placed on the development of listening skills, improved intonation, balance and blend, and tone quality. Proficiency is increased in music reading, analysis, and interpretation. A wide variety of orchestral repertoire is presented from many styles. Instruments are required for daily practice and all performances. Attendance is required at rehearsals and concerts.