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  • Updated 7/10/23

    23-24 Outdoor School Schedule

    Since 1970, the Parkway Outdoor School Program has been held at Camp Lakewood, located at the YMCA of the Ozarks near Potosi, Missouri.  The program was initially called the E-E-E (Environmental, Ecological, Experiential) program.  Initially supported by federal funding, the program is now partially supported by district funds and partially by student fees.

    The Outdoor Program is a four-day experience designed for sixth-grade students.  While there are many fun and exciting things to do during their days at Camp Lakewood, the program's primary purpose is to expose students to nature and the outdoors, using a science-based curriculum that teaches students about the natural environment and ways to protect it.  Four core units - Water Ecology, Forest Ecology, Geology, and Wildlife Ecology - provide hands-on, experiential learning that helps students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of environmental and ecological studies. 

    Outdoor School Site Information

    The location of Parkway Outdoor School is Camp Lakewood at the YMCA of the Ozarks, located just 80 miles southwest of St. Louis, near Potosi.  Located in Missouri's eastern Ozarks, the campus is nestled into 5,200 acres of picturesque, forest-covered hills and a 360-acre private lake.  YMCA Camp Lakewood offers overnight summer camps for kids of all ages.      

    13528 State Hwy AA
    Potosi, MO 63664
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