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    Help us to grow the story of reading in Parkway

    For our students to meet the Mission, Vision and Learning Principles of the Parkway School District we know that students must be curious, creative, and confident learners but we also know that they must have strong literacy skills both in and out of school. They must read not only for academic reasons but also for pleasure and they must have choice in their reading to pursue their personal interests. #ParkwayReads is designed to help celebrate and build a social culture around the love of reading and is meant to be a way for all members of the Parkway community (students, educators, parents, etc.) to share what you're reading regardless of the medium (traditional books, video, websites, etc.), the connections that you are making with those texts or even where you are doing your reading. Make recommendations online using the #ParkwayReads hashtag and celebrate reading in Parkway.

    Ideas and resources to get started:

    • Use the hashtag #ParkwayReads to highlight the reading lives of the Parkway community. Post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #ParkwayReads and #WhereIRead with pictures of the places that you do your reading. Whether it's at the pool, on vacation, on a plane, waiting for a practice to finish, in the backseat on a road trip or even just at home on the couch, help us celebrate reading in the Parkway community with #ParkwayReads.

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    Benefits of reading for pleasure:

    • Crafting an individual reading life
    • Pathway to a personal reading journey
    • Making connections between stories and life events