Strings Program Information

  • Parkway 4th & 5th Grade String Program & Registration


    It is registration time for the 2024-2025 Parkway 4th & 5th-grade String Program. Our string classes are open to all students continuing in 4th & 5th grade. The weekly music instruction is free and provided by certified string teachers. We are pleased to provide this learning opportunity for your student. 

    Instruction on the viola, cello, and bass are new instrumental options in addition to the violin in the 4th and 5th grades. Our 4th & 5th grade string curriculum builds on the previous year of instruction. 

    Students will advance in ability and technique as they progress in their string classes. Listening skills, improved tone production, posture, personal playing technique, and ensemble skills are expanded. Increased music reading skills are gained through challenging repertoire. 

    Educational research suggests increased learning ability results from playing a musical instrument over time, and the development of self-expression and positive self-esteem occurs. Students become more confident and collaborative learners through these experiences. 

    Parkway School District’s elementary string students are given a wonderful foundation for entry into our high-achieving middle and high school orchestras. We are very proud of the musical education that we provide through the string program! 

    Review this brochure carefully for enrollment and instrument rental information. Please contact your school’s string teacher with any questions you may have. 


    Jeff Lackey, Coordinator of Fine Arts 

    Parkway Elementary String Teachers 



    Elementary in-person string students will receive 60 minutes of instruction during the school day, typically in two thirty-minute lessons a week. Virtual students will have a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work each week.  



    • attend string classes consistently with instrument and music
    • regularly practice string assignments at home
    • prepare and perform for others
    • demonstrate appropriate effort and behavior to maximize learning
    • commit to an entire year of study



    • provide an instrument in good playing condition
    • purchase music books/materials as recommended by the teacher
    • ensure that students have instruments and music ready prior to the start of class 
    • arrange a regular, uninterrupted practice time at home
    • show enthusiasm for your student’s string playing and attending concert performances



    String students are expected to perform recorded or live performances on their instruments for others, including, but not limited to, their teachers, peers, and other family members.



    Fifteen to thirty minutes of daily practice is recommended for student progress.  Private lessons with outside tutors are encouraged but not required.  Extra lessons combined with school instruction, however, can help your child reach his/her full potential.  Your student’s string teacher can provide additional information about private lessons for those interested.  Written individual progress reports will be sent at regular intervals during the school year.



    Any student in 4th & 5th grade may enroll in the elementary string orchestra program.  Your student may choose to play the violin, viola, cello, or string bass.

    Click the button below to enroll:

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    Every effort will be made to accommodate students who start school after September or are new to Parkway and wish to participate in strings. Please discuss individual students and situations with your string teacher. 



    Instruments for 4th & 5th grade students are not furnished by the school and must be rented or purchased (see suggested dealers listed below.)  Instrument quality is very important. Please ask about service/maintenance agreements or insurance policies. Parkway assumes no responsibility for rented instruments. 

    If you are unable to obtain an instrument and your child wishes to participate in the string program, please discuss this with your string teacher. 



    String instruments must match your child’s arm length and body size.  Your instrument dealer should be able to help you find the correct size instrument for your student.  Choose a smaller size if in doubt. 

    Please consult your string teacher if you are considering an instrument purchase or if your student is interested in string bass.


    VIOLIN & VIOLA instrument outfits should have the following:

    • Ebony pegs
    • Functional fine tuners on all four (4) strings
    • Good quality violin/viola strings
    • Properly adjusted and fitted bridge set up by a local professional
    • Bow (wood or fiberglass) with real horsehair, in good condition, with a screw that turns easily
    • Rosin for bow
    • Hard shell case
    • Shoulder rest or sponge


    CELLO & BASS instrument outfits should have the following:

    • Ebony pegs
    • Fine tuners on all four (4) strings
    • Good quality cello/bass strings
    • Bow (wood or fiberglass) with real horsehair, in good condition, with a screw that turns easily
    • Rosin for bow
    • Adjustable end pin
    • Zipper case preferred
    • Rock-stop



    • Method books and/or online resources as recommended by your string teacher
    • A folding metal music stand for home practice (optional but highly recommended)



    We have found the following dealers to issue acceptable instruments and service them when necessary.

    ***Some stores offer contactless service. Prices vary. Call stores directly for more information*** 

    Bearden Violin Shop
    8787 Lackland Rd., 63114

    Ernie Williamson Music
    15440 Manchester Rd., 63011

    Music and Arts
    6161 Mid Rivers Mall Dr., 63376

    Music and Arts
    1236 Town and Country Crossing Dr., 63017

    Music and Arts
    12292 Saint Charles Rock Road, 63044

    Manchester Music
    102 Holloway Rd., 63011

    Palen Music Center
    4689 State Hwy K, 63368

    St. Louis Strings
    6331 Clayton Ave., 63139

    St. Louis Strings
    17269 Wild Horse Creek Rd., 63005

    Sweetwater Rentals
    314-610-0128 (cell)

    Top Notch Violins
    3109 Sutton Blvd., 63143

    Top Notch Violins
    2614 Metro Blvd, 63043


    If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your strings teacher listed below:


    • Barretts - Laura Schisler
    • Bellerive - Adam Wheeler
    • Carman Trails - Laura Schisler
    • Claymont - Anne Branch
    • Craig - Amanda Davis
    • Green Trails - Linda Rekas
    • Hanna Woods - Charles Brookman
    • Henry - Anne Branch
    • Highcroft Ridge - Kristy Woods
    • Mason Ridge - Linda Rekas
    • McKelvey - Katie Henderson
    • Oak Brook - Charles Brookman
    • Pierremont - Betsey Karako
    • River Bend - Rennae Jones
    • Ross - Amanda Davis
    • Shenandoah Valley - Renae Jones
    • Sorrento Springs - Betsey Karako
    • Wren Hollow - Kristy Woods