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    The Parkway library program is made up of 33 certified building librarians; one in each elementary and middle school libraries as well as a newly established program at Fern Ridge, and two in each high school. Additionally, high school librarians are supported by a staff secretary. District library staff includes a certified library systems support specialist offering professional development and support to librarians as well as central processing staff that manage all incoming library books and materials, district textbooks, and digital resources including databases and other online tools used by students district wide. Librarians have also taken on the additional role of supporting teachers in their use of technology with students and are leaders in their buildings on digital tools and resources.

    Since the last program evaluation, the library program has experienced a number of shifts in order to stay relevant in the ever-changing world. These shifts highlight the broad reach that the Parkway library program has in the district and beyond.

    Program Highlights

    • Adoption of Destiny digital library platform to address need for equality of access to quality resources and provide an avenue for information literacy, reading advocacy, and cultivating instructional partnerships with teachers.
    • Partnership with St. Louis County Public Library to provide public library cards to all Parkway students as a part of the ConnectEd initiative from the White House. This partnership allows students access to the wealth of resources available from the public library and systematizes the process getting library cards to all students.
    • Adoption and implementation of United States Department of Education’s Future Ready Librarian and Follett’s Project Connect frameworks for library programs as a vehicle to work with district leaders to promote innovative learning opportunities, equity of access to high quality materials for students, and equity of experience with digital age learning and thinking skills. 
      • Highlighted as an innovative library program on the Follett blog as well as a case study about professional development for librarians.
      • Recognized by the United States Department of Education’s Future Ready program and highlighted in the National Educational Technology Plan. 
      • Highlighted by the Alliance for Excellent Education as a featured program in the Future Ready Librarians webinar series.
    • Nationally recognized bi-monthly newsletter offering professional learning for librarians and teachers to connect library programming offerings to curriculum and support the Future Ready and Project Connect framework topics.


  • Contact Information

    Bill Bass
    Innovation Coordinator 
    Instructional Technology,
    Information and Library Media
    Email  |  314-415-8458

    Kira Brennan
    Innovation and Library Support Specialist
    Email|  314-415-8455 

    Amy Johnson
    Digital Learning Specialist
    Email  |  314-415-8459

    Nancy Ikemeyer
    Administrative Assistant
    Email  |  314-415-8453

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    Library Services is located at the Nines.
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