• Digital Connections Citizenship in the Digital Age

    Children today grow-up constantly connected to people around the world. This access to a global society does not come pre-packaged with an understanding of how to navigate it. Kids need guidance in order to harness the power of the Internet and digitial tools so that they can be safe, responsible, and respectful citizens in a digital world. 

    In Parkway we want to empower students to use technology to create, connect, explore and learn. With this comes the responsibility of helping students learn how to make smart and responsible decisions in an online environment. It takes a community approach of teachers and parents to support students' learning in the digital age.


    • Kids 8-18 spend 7.5 hours per day with media
    • 41% of kids aged 8-17 leave their Facebook privacy settings on "default"
    • 35% of college admissions officers found something online about the applicant that negatively impacted their application
    • One in three 10-18 year olds have reported being cyberbullied. One in 10 tell an adult when it happens.
      Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010

    As a district, we use Common Sense Media's curriculum and resources to guide lessons and conversations about digital citizenship. With this curicullum comes Family Tip Sheets (linked to the right) for parent to reinforce lessons at home. Common Sense Media also has a variety of resources for parents to use in helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology (linked below). 

    Common Sense Media Resources for Parents